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Note from the Artist

"When I was a young girl, I had a desire to paint. One summer while on vacation, my father bought me a small set of oil paints. I could hardly wait to start when we returned to the hotel. I painted a pink flower on a yellow background. There have been many flowers and beautiful colors in my life ever since then. 

As well as painting flowers, I love to grow them, and so I am very familiar with their shapes and colors. I now work in pastel, watercolor, ink and watercolor combinations. I also do watercolor torn paper collages. My subject matter, in addition to florals includes, landscapes, seascapes, still lives and figures.

I love the beauty of nature. Our world is full of beautiful vistas and I strive to present them as I see them, with emotion, using beautiful color, and showing the effect of light and shadow on the subject. I feel a real attachment to my subjects and I hope that shows. 

Clients often say that my paintings make them smile. That makes me smile, as bringing some joy to others is my main goal. I have no deep message to convey, but I hope my images make people enjoy their environments and increase their joy as they go about their everyday life."

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