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Location: Mountainside, NJ

Born: 2/1/1936  Died: 3/4/2022


Jane Annis was born in the beautiful state of West Virginia. She received a bachelor's degree in Art education from Marshall University and after moving to New Jersey in 1963 with her husband and two small boys, attended the New York School of Interior Design and commenced her career as  an Interior Designer.


Jane Annis Interiors was started in 1968 where she worked from her home for 10 years until she moved her business to a studio in Westfield, New Jersey.


In 1971, she and her husband purchased an heirloom antique house on Cape Cod. The interior of this housee was featured in a 1972 issue of Home Beautiful.  She also had several other projects featured in magazine and newspaper articles throughout her professional career, and during those years, as well as pursuing a career in design, Jane was engaged in numerous other creative endeavors.  She volunteered as a teacher in the visual arts, designed and sold hand-painted needlepoint canvases in numerous fine needlework shops, including stores like Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor. She stenciled floors, painted floor cloths, etc.  Jane was always looking for new ways to create unique and beautiful things.


In the last few years of her professional career, Jane returned to watercolor painting, which had always been a favorite medium for her, and after studying with a number of fine artists, in 1993 she retired as an  interior designer and dedicated her full time to being a fine artist.


Married for over 50 years to Arthur Annis, they had two fine sons,  Charles, and Art, and two delightful daughters in law, Liz and Margie, and four charming grandsons, Aaron, Aden, Henry and Julius.  She and her husband resided in Mountainside, New Jersey most of the year and spent their summers in Cape Cod, where Jane was an active member of a co-op gallery and participated in summer shows through the Guild of Harwich Artists.  She was also a long time member of the Westfield Art Association.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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